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School is the first formal institution that a child joins. Family and school are two bodies that a child comes in contact with on a very regular basis. Therefore, these two institutions are primary influences on a child. As parents, we want the best for our children.

We believe, imparting knowledge is a noble cause. Eureka Scholars School has a strong belief of 'No Compromise' on quality of education.

Eureka Scholars School is an educational institute imparting quality education & has been established with a firm foundation to prepare students to be leaders and responsible citizens. In other words, ESS intends to bring good quality education, ethics, responsibilities and discipline to every individual. Eureka Scholars School is committed to enhance the abilities of students. An ideal location, a large campus, well planned infrastructure, well equipped library and computer lab, modern class rooms, supported by dedicated, experienced & profound staff, along with an emphasis on academics, physical and all-round excellence, makes Eureka Scholars School a perfect choice.


"We at Eureka Scholars School believe in providing an education that allows children to experience the learning and assure them that an education is an invitation to a successful life. Our mission is to nurture 10,000 children by 2030."


“At Eureka Scholars School, we believe in वसुधैव कुटुम्बकम् , means ‘ World is a family’. And to enforce this belief, we concede the exigency of conferring the experience of education and learning, to adhere to the global citizenship. We aim to be an epitome of our great Indian culture which edifies that the life is a celebration. We believe that profound curriculum of excellence with universal facets is central to the education of children to counter the challenges of the 21st century with faith and strength of character.”

Our Attributes
and Values

At Eureka Scholars School, we remain to be committed and integral to creating a learning culture and environs to perceive our educational goals.

  • Creativity
  • Independence
  • Leadership
  • Nurturance
  • Perseverance
  • Responsibility
  • Respect
  • Team Work


Conquer Your Dreams........Learn to Surmount.

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